Moin und Willkommen auf meiner neuen Amateurfunk Software Seite für Windows,Linux und Mac.

MSdos Or Windows Utility Software

DOSBOX.....A GREAT FREE DOS Emulator for use with Win 2K or XP.
Peer Guardian2.  A must if you want to block internet intrusions.
Easy Screen Capture By Longfine. Captures Part Or Complete Screen .
FILTERS V3.5 . By Patrick F6CTE A DSP Filter
FIXCOM. If you are having RTS ptt line problems with  Win2K etc
HELPDECO. A Utility For Converting Help Files To Text
MMANA.  MM Antenna Analyser software by Makoto Mori  JE3HHT Ver 0.72
 MAA-NEC2 Version 1.8 By UA3AVR For calculations of designs optimised in MMANA  with NEC-2
MUBAY102. A superb pkt prog for use with Baycom type modems, Old, DOS Based mono screen
NEC4W18....Superb. antenna design for windows
PORTMON.  Mark Russinovich. Monitor serial / parallel port activity with this advanced monitoring tool
POLARPLOT  By G4HFQ A program to measure and display the radiation pattern of a beam antenna
QUICKMIX.....A great utility to enable the user to set soundcard parameters for each software in use
SBFFT12.ZIP. Excellent DSP Filtering for all modes. Runs from DOS. Truly FB this software.
SOUNDTIMER. A great scheduling software for announcements at times set by the user

MS Windows ( Radio Control ) & Programming Utilities


CAT Control Of The TS870....Excellent New software by Ricardo EC4DFP
Commander From Dave AA6YQ Icom Yausu Kenwood Ten-Tec
EASYCAT. Very Comprehensive Icom CAT Software by Ian G1NOO
G4HFQ  FT-100, 817, 847, 857, 897, 920, 1000MP Mark V, VR-5000 and FRG-100 control software
FT1000MP AND MK-V cat software by  Juha OH8BQT / OH8CW
HAMPORT.....By UA9OSV. A beta version of this multirig frequency control software
 IC706_BKT Computer control software by Mauro IZ2BKT. Please hit the button to link to Mauro's site.
IC706 Exe By G4FEV Is control software to handle the memories on an IC706
Icom contol of all radios that have a CI-V interface.
RT SYSTEMS offer a wide range of programming softwares for most radios
SUPERCONTROL Softwares for the FT100, and FT847 by Peter DH1NGP Excellent
If You do not see what you want in the above, then take a look at this listing in QRZ

MS Windows  CW Soundcard Software


CW GET V1.50 . By Sergei UA9OSV  Soundcard Cw decoding software which works with CW TYPE
CW TYPE V1.36 . By Sergei UA9OSV  Soundcard Cw tx software which works with CW GET
ET_MORSE V2.13 .  By Patrick F6CTE
Just Learn Morse Code. By LB3KB, Sigurd


MS Windows DX Cluster Software


AR Cluster/Dx Spider User Program By VE7CC Lee (referred to from now on as AR)
Bandmaster By VE3NEA   Downloads DX spots and displays , including a graphical band map
Cluster Monitor By  DXSOFT Cluster monitor is a tool for web-cluster and telnet-cluster monitoring  on Windows
DX Lab. A suite of softwares by  by Dave AA6YQ well worth a visit
WinCluster Lite By Jim KH2D


MS Windows EchoLink & Linux EchoLink Software


EchoLink By Jonathan K1RFD
Echoproducer By Peter EI4JR Excellent facility runs concurrently with EchoLink
EchoLinux & The Bridge Softwares


MS Windows MFSK / Throb Software


DOMINO  by ZL2AFP . It is similar to Stream but experimental MFSK software check it out

THROB Version 2.5x33 By DL5SWB. An excellent interpretation of Lionel's superb software


MS Windows Logging and Award tracking Software


AALOG.....By RZ4AG. A multipurpose logging software. Take a look at DXSOFTS Pages
DX4WIN... Version 6.02  An excellent logging software which supports psk.
LOGGER32  32 Bit Software  Plus All Supporting Files For Version 2.16 / 2.17
LUX-LOG by LX1NO. This is a very comprehensive windows based logging software by Norbert
MW2Log....A useful freeware add on to the MixW software by Josef Vers 1.7 current. HB9CIC
N1MM Logger by Tom N1MM

QuickWas By Bill AA4M A Windows software  dedicated to tracking qso's for ARRL W A S awards.

VQ Log By Gabriel EA6VQ. Especially intended for serious HF/VHF/UHF/SHF/Satellite-DX'rs,

Winlog32...A free logging software by Colin G0CUZ

WriteLog is the premier contest logging software
XMLog...XMLog is a free amateur radio logbook system for Windows
YPLog....By Tony  VE6YP  An excellent logging software with radio control interfacing


MS Windows Multimode Software


Airlink Express By Alex Krist KR1ST
Bonito RadioCom 6 is an offering for data multimode use for win2000, XP, Vista, and Win7
FLDigi Multimode By Dave W1HKJ Both Windows Running Under Cygwin, and Linux
HAMSCOPE....Version 1.55 By Glen KD5HIO.

HAM RADIO DELUXE....Simon HB9DRV A Fascinating Piece Of Work
MIXW2  Version 2.19  February 2009
MIXW2.20.......Ver 2.20 Released 3rd Sept 2010 Supports Both 32/64 Bit Windows Including Win7
MIXW2....Version 2.1 of the MixW to DXLabs DXKeeper Gateway Utility Files
MMVARI.....Beta Version 0.30 A brand new varicode software from Mako JE3HHT
MULTIPSK V3.14 ...By Patrick F6CTE May 2006  Licence for full use is required.
RCKRTTY By Walter DL4RCK Contest Style Software. RTTY/AMTOR/PACTOR/ CW/ PSK31 Not Free
TrueTTY Ver 2.50 by Sergei UA9OSV. Excellent RTTY, PSK Etc Software. Check it out but it isn't free :-)


MS Windows Packet  And APRS Software


AGWTracker by SV2AGW
AGSatTrack. By Alex G7JGQ
APRSPoint is an implementation of the latest APRS* standard with high quality map support.
F6FBB  FBB Bulletin Board Software
NBF by Reinhold, OH1NBF. A packet radio terminal program for 32-bit Windows platforms
UI View APRS positioning software
Winpack Full Install Version 6.80 ( The LAST Version available)


MS Windows PSK Software


DANPSK Version 2.1  By Jesper OZ5PC
DIGIPAN. Version 2.0 By Skip KH6TY
DigiTalk by Skip KH6TY A PSK31 Software designed for blind, or impaired sighted operators
DigiPic by Skip KH6TY
PSK-PAL. By Erik VK7AAB Another interesting PSK software. 10th March 2001 Version Upto 3 Channels
WINPSK . Version 2.10 By Moe Wheatley AE4JY. Windows PSK Software
W1SQLPSK. By  Joe W1SQL  An Interesting New Psk  Monitor Upto 20 Ch !!  Plus  Logging Software
WINWARBLER .... By David AA6YQ. A DXLABS Software For PSK and RTTY.
ZAKANAKA.... Ver 1.24 By Bob Furzer K4CY.  Excellent PSK software with MMTTY RTTY engine support


MS Windows RTTY Software


ET_RTTY V2.12 ... By Patrick F6CTE
MMTTY Ver 1.62  RTTY Software By Mako JE3HHT
MMTTY COMFSK Utility for generating 45.5Baud 1.5 Stop bits when using a USB / Serial Adaptor ( Read the notes)
MMTTY/MMSSTV MMR Mako has developed this for remote use of an mmtty/mmstv client via tcp
RTTY By Ray WF1B.  Ver 5.02 A long standing software which is now free to use


MS Windows NBTV SSTV & WXFAX Software


CHROMA PIX.  One of Chroma Pix's outstanding of all software's runs under Windows, and soundcard

DigiACE V1.9 By Martin G3OQD. A true radio star. Read his comments on the source code for the project !

Digital Atmosphere Workstation. WX analysis and forecasting

DIGTRX. A high definition sstv software. After downloading you can follow this link to   Digtrx

EASY PAL By KC1CS. A neat piece of work for sure, in it's early stages of development, and worth a play.

ISSTV.  By HB9TLK Internet Linking SSTV Software
JVCOM32  Software for SSTV , WX FAX,NAVTEX,SYNOP . The demo version is free
MeteoFax32 A French software, which hopefully will have an English version soon. Not a free software
MMSSTV. By Mako JE3HHT. Excellent software
TCMAKER Ver 5.1 By Steve  Is an SSTV Pattern, or test card generation software really excellent
WxToImg  A.P.T  and Wefax Decoding Software. By Abstract Technologies New Zealand


MS Windows Meteor Scatter & Narrow Band Mode


SEP-WIN . By K9SE Sporadic-E Propagation Software For The VHF Operator
WSJT. By Joe K1JT Ver 4.5.1 Software is excellent.  This is a link to Joe's site for further info
ROS Spead Frequency . BW 2.2Khz At 1 or 16Baud




WinDrm. HF Digital Radio Mondiale for fast data, pictures, and voice over a 2.5Khz bandwidth
PC-Ale ALE is the de-facto world standard for initiating and sustaining communications using H F radio.


MS Windows Voice Keying Software


AA Voice supported by UA9OSV

KD4UDY's VoiceKeyer voice keying software with many formats for both general and contest use
Voice Keyer By Mike SM3WMV is a universal free software


Antenna Rotator Software


YO3DMU Antenna Software


Linux Platform Software


AI9L Harv's Hamshack A Complete Linox O/S On A CD
 FLDigi Multimode Software
 QSSTV By ON1MH Version 5.1A


Mac Platform Software


CocoaModem By W7AY
Mac YEA Logging Software By Piotr SM7YEA
Mac Ham Radio Software From Canada
This must be the comprehensive site for MAC software